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Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on roundup: Surprisingly positive

Samsung's highly anticipated Galaxy Fold finally arrives on April 26, but some lucky technical reporters have already retained, folded and unfolded it on the screen, and – despite some concerns about The Crease – Many of the first impressions are positive, even with the huge price of the phone.

In her brief contact with the Galaxy Fold, Jessica Delcourt, of CNET, said that "the foldable 4.6-inch screen of the phone seemed a bit small", but also hailed the rapid transition of applications from the outside screen. and the large 7.3-inch widescreen

Delcourt did not seem to bother by the crease. She said there was "a little one" and that she could "feel the mechanism of the hinge underneath" but could not finally know if that would interfere with the phone's use.

But while the largest screen of Galaxy Fold seems to work well To run three applications at once, Delcourt also noticed "immediately that the more open applications you have, the smaller the font, you so you may not want to use them all at the same time. "

Wired, Lauren Goode said that she "had managed to insert the fold folded into the side pocket of one of my most fitted jackets, but that's inelegant in this state "and that she also compared her narrow and narrow design to" wearing a TV remote ".

However, using the Galaxy Fold has not been as simple as expected. "There is a learning curve with the fold," Goode said.

"The display has a 4.2-to-3 aspect ratio, and the image appears brilliant and rich in appearance," said Goode. "You can see the central crease when you hold it at certain angles, the slightest ripple in a still pool."

Despite his feeling that the Fold would be good for watching videos and reading – Goode says "I'm sure, however, I will not spend $ 1,980 on this software."

In his 90 minutes of practical work with the Galaxy Fold, Harry McCracken of Fast Company states that the device "presents some design decisions taken with more opportunities than elegance, and will not reach its full potential as long as third-party developers will not rework their apps with devices like this. "

Still, he says the Fold" does a lot of things ". In terms of design, McCracken said the 4.6-inch external display is "surrounded by bezel, covered up and down, and even of an unusually large amount to the left and right."

McCracken also stated that "closed The fold is thick and heavy for a modern smartphone, at 17mm and about 9.3oz, but it seemed less like a brick than these features might suggest." [19659003] Regarding his thoughts on the fold, he says that this was not the case. not distracting and "was almost invisible unless I look at it from an extreme angle." In the end, McCracken thinks people "these are maybe the kinds of things that most people forget when they do not choose to linger".

Our conclusion:

These first practical impressions are far from exhaustive, but the takeaways are exactly as we had hoped:

  • It's expensive at 1980 $

  • The outer screen is really small and narrow

  • Unfolded, the larger inner screen is useful for watching videos, read and execute multiple applications at once [19659016] The fold will probably not disturb not people

  • The optimization of third-party applications will be crucial

Based on these first impressions, we can say without fear that the Galaxy Fold is quite a first-generation product. But despite its high price, it's clear that Samsung's foldable phone is more polished than expected. It may not have been understood, but as a first-generation product, early users who use it may not be totally disappointed.

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