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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Instagram is actually kind of good?

The "Governor" Must Wear a Helmet

Image: BG004 / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images

You can hate Arnold Schwarzenegger as an actor, governor or Republican "Never Trump". But you must love his Instagram – even if it's only a little bit. Even if you can not admit it yourself.

I know, I know, it's hard to believe that the kindergarten policeman in America can actually have a good social media account. Someone with a constant presence on mediocre Twitter and a bland political personality usually does not produce good content. Curiously, Schwarzenegger does it.

Schwarzenegger's Instagram is a strange blend of bland brand promotion, weightlifting and extremely good and bizarre scenes from everyday life. There is nothing substantial here, just high quality fluff. And that's what makes it – contrary to expectations – pretty good.

Scroll right behind the cool Schwarzenegger with Ronald Reagan's post. Here's what you can find on Schwarzenegger's Instagram and it's worth your precious clicks.

Schwarzenegger cycled through the snow like a happy old man. Where are his mittens? I'm worried.

Then you have a picture of Schwarzenegger meeting Dolly Parton, who, yes. Retro Schwarzenegger> Modern Schwarzenegger, every day.

I stan, you stan, we are all for a photo (that seems to be) of Yorkie with long hair. Dog germs are good sprouts. Do not you dare to get weird with "dog kisses"

An anti-gerrymandering meme? I am here for this type of content halfway.

Then there are pictures that you can not decide if you hate or like, but have chosen to like it because it is easier for you. brain.

It is satisfying to find at least one Republican who believes that climate change is both real and dangerous for the Earth.

There are also the "grams" that straddle the narcissistic and deeply pleasing line, like this piece Schwarzenegger-on-Schwarzenegger.

I hate the fact that Schwarzenegger often rides a bike without a helmet. But I appreciate the fact that the picture represents him, a very tall man, on a very small bike.

Raise your seat, Arnold.

I am not strangely disturbed by the lack of socks in this bike video.

When Schwarzenegger wears socks, he wears them badly and proudly. Bless him for refusing to fold them.

Again, I'm a sucker for the big man, the little bike / little dog kind. Especially when this dog has a stupid bow.

Regardless of your position on the political scene, you must enjoy a public figure who takes screenshots of tweets containing FiveThirtyEight podcasts. It's so dry that it's charming.

I must respect a man who is not afraid to go in public and wears a coat like this. I know it's an article about the environment, but I'm not sure about it. I am here for the coat. It's the ultimate coat of Burlington Coat Factory, and I love it.

I must also applaud a man wearing suspenders like this, and then post a picture of himself wearing them. Here here.

Congratulations to anyone who created this Photoshop masterpiece.

But let's be true. I know why you are all here. It's for watching Arnold Schwarzenegger's incredible TikTok ride a bike and follow a little horse that he has since relied on Instagram.

Is the content better than that? This is not the case, my friends. This is the advanced content. It's deeply silly. This is, basically, useless. It's an absurdism and nihilism wrapped in a viral video burrito.

I love this shit. I am grateful to Schwarzenegger for creating and republishing this viral masterpiece.

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